David was a long time dog lover. With the passing of our last dog, a collie, we decided to learn more about the Greyhound breed because we could potentially get a great family pet and rescue a dog that might otherwise be discarded and provide it with a loving home. We started attending meet and greets to learn more about the breed and talk to volunteers at GALT. Although it was soon after the passing of our last dog, our house felt empty without the companionship of a pet. We inquired about Hank and had his foster family bring him over for a house visit. When it was time to leave, he didn’t want to go and wouldn’t jump back in to his foster parent’s vehicle. He had to be lifted into truck. He had picked us as his forever family. He had a happy smile on his face and has been such a joy to our lives.

We taught him how to play and would prod him to do zoomies in the house to expel some of his excess energy. He crated well, but wanted the master bed as his own. We joked that he thought his name was NO Off for the first few weeks at our home. He soon settled in and truly became our fur baby. David would get down on the floor and cuddle with him. Hank only likes to cuddle on his terms and David would see how long Hank would lay still before he had to move. David would play footsies with him until he would hide his feet under his chest so he can’t get to them. David thought Hank was a great family pet and was always praising him. We loved going to GALT outings with Hank, and watching him make new friends as we supported the local greyhound community.

David’s passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. Hank will be a great comfort as we move forward in discovering our new reality. Hank is a special part of the Layne family and we would like to honor David with donations to an organization that was dear to his heart. We also want to recognize Abbie Seidel and Lisa Winfield (Hank’s foster family) and Stephanie Thompson who as GALT volunteers have become members of our family. Hank's adoption has enriched our lives tremendously.