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2016 Challenge Grant for West Texas Cruelty Seizure
2016 Challenge Grant for West Texas Cruelty Seizure


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2016 Challenge Grant to Help the West Texas Rescues!

On June 6, 2016, GALT rescued five adult hounds and two puppies from a cruelty seizure in West Texas. The medical needs for these seven dogs will be substantial. For example, Classy has a significant injury to her chest that will require expensive treatment with surgery.

Many of the other hounds suffer from severe intestinal parasites and/or Erhlichia Canis.

Word of GALT’s involvement in rescuing these dogs from their dire circumstances reached one of our generous supporters who has offered to donate up to $15,000 if GALT can raise matching donations by August 1, 2016. Please consider making a donation today to help us maximize our anonymous supporter's generosity. Every gift will count in helping us reach our goal. Your $10 gift can be $20; your $100 gift can be $200; your $500 gift can be $1,000.

So far, GALT has welcomed a total of 97 greyhounds and greyhound mixes in 2016 - that is almost twice the number we welcomed by this time last year. The number of strays we have taken in alone has doubled so far this year. So our reserves are now depleting, which makes this rescue a genuine challenge.

Please donate now!

West Texas Cruelty Seizure