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2018 Calendar - Now 1/2 Price!
2018 Calendar - Now 1/2 Price!
Our Price: $10.00

The perfect time to order additional copies. Hurry while supply lasts!
The Flow of Kittens: Kitten Therapy by Alexander Zekulin
The Flow of Kittens: Kitten Therapy by Alexander Zekulin
Our Price: $13.99

A very charming book by DFW area resident Alexander Zekulin. Each book is personally autographed and "pawtographed".

Most of us have been to a pet store looking at the kittens and puppies up for adoption. We've watched whole litters of puppies and kittens at play. These tiny balls of fur and fluff briefly stop their antics to stare at us, as we stare lovingly at them. Deep down we wish we could take them all home with us. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adopt a whole litter of kittens at once? Have you ever wondered what they were thinking? Most of us have a pet cat or dog, maybe two. These pets become a part of our family; we love them, nurture them, put up with them, and cry for them. This book tells the story of our adventures as we adopt a litter of four kittens right from our front porch. The story is told from both my point of view and that of Patches, one of our four kittens. There is a different dynamic raising a whole litter in the house. It's like having a family within a family! These little bundles of high spirited joy lifted our hearts in ways we did not expect, right when we needed it most. Truly little miracles!
Hearts and Hounds by Barbara Dornak Christian
Hearts and Hounds by Barbara Dornak Christian
Our Price: $17.99

This book is by our very own Barb Christian!!! Barb is a GALT adopter, foster and volunteer, currently serving as the group's Donations Coordinator.

From Barb: This book is about four women who meet in 1971 at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. The four new friends maintain a unique relationship centered around bridge tables and basketball courts. For thirty years, they help each other through life’s ups and downs, meeting some interesting characters — and rescuing a few greyhounds! — along the way.

You will love this book if you have any interest in some or all of the Four B’s — Bridge, Basketball, Banking and Brindles! Hearts and Hounds also touches on some of the most interesting events of the 1970s through the turn of the century — Vietnam, Watergate, the Texas banking, energy and real estate industry downturns in the 1980s, the changes in high school girls basketball after Title IX, the Challenger tragedy, and the turbulence leading up to 9/11.

Logan and the Mystical Collar by Suzanne Burke
Logan and the Mystical Collar by Suzanne Burke
Our Price: $19.88

Very Special Autograhed & "Pawtographed" Editions!

Written by our own Suzanne Burke! Full Color Illustrations - Collector's Edition A famous Egyptian queen, a not so ordinary dog, and a bully cross paths to alter the course of history! After a mystical collar inscribed with hieroglyphics is found in a dusty old antique shop and placed on Logan the greyhound, he is launched into an exciting time travel adventure to Ancient Egypt. There, Logan meets up with a very familiar cast of characters, only he can’t figure out why they don’t know him.

His curiosity lands him in a place where there are secrets he must guard or risk being killed! In this heroic adventure, there are mysteries, clues, suspense, and the Great Race between Logan and his nemesis, Zeus! A race that proves to be more significant than either expect, and ultimately leads to events that change the course of ancient history.

Written in a timeless style, if you like Indiana Jones, King Arthur, The Wizard of Oz, or Back to The Future, you’ll love this adventure story set in fascinating Ancient Egypt! Ages 8 to adult Illustrated, 132 pages *Includes history chapters on Ancient Egypt and educational projects for children to expand their critical thinking and creative writing skills, and vocabulary.

Deals with the sensitive topic of bullying.

Collectors Color Edition - $19.88

Black & White Edition - $11.88
2019 Calendar
2019 Calendar
Our Price: $20.00

The Rise of The Phoenix by Suzanne Burke
The Rise of The Phoenix by Suzanne Burke
Our Price: $26.98

The Rise of the Phoenix - Volume 3, Greyhound Stories
Author: GALT's Very Own Suzanne Burke
Illustrator: Shawn Fernandez
A fantastic fantasy read for both children and adults!

Beautiful Illustrations!

Logan peers into the wardrobe mirror and notices that the phoenix bird symbol on his collar is glowing fiery orange. That night, Logan is transported through his dream to a medieval land of enchanted forests, castles, and dragons. There, he meets a beautiful greyhound named Tess and learns of the 500-year-old mystery of the phoenix!

Tess and Logan discover, through King Hywel’s book of secrets, that the phoenix is their only hope of saving the kingdom from certain doom. Can they find Logan’s old wizard friend, who can help decipher the code in the secret book, before a terrifying black mist engulfs the entire kingdom? Can Tess save Logan from persecution for a henious crime in which the castle’s evil overseer has framed him? Find out how Logan and his friends deal with Medieval challenges in this colorful greyhound thriller!

*Contains illustrations, historical chapters, and educational projects at the end for children to expand their vocabulary and critical thinking skills.