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Mouillage (Very Rare 1949 Hermes Collectors' Scarf)
Mouillage (Very Rare 1949 Hermes Collectors' Scarf)

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Colors: Crimson/Light Blue/Cream/Gold/Green/Red/White/Royal Blue/Silver/Taupe.  

Issue Date: Circa 1949 Original Issue

Artist: Hugo Grygkar

Condition: 8+; Vintage; Excellent++

Size: 33.5" x 32.25"

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  • Here we have a most rare and beloved vintage Hermès collector's scarf reported to be titled by one sources, i.e., Carre̒s d'art II -ed. 2014, as "Mouillage" or "Moorage," and to be designed by Hermès design icon, Hugo Grygka, and and to be issued by Hermès in 1949. It has been suggested by other sources that this scarf was untitled, was designed by French artist, Philippe Douchez, and was issued in 1960. Hermès company scarf records, often deficient regarding designer identities, issue dates and once in while, even a title or two, especially prior to the early 1960s, cannot definitvely settle this case per our inquiries to Maison de Hermès. As both artists are deceased, they cannot settle this issue. We acquired this scarf about a year ago from a vendor in Portugal who merely called it a Hermès "boat" scarf, and could not offer any additional information, except it belonged to his French born mother now deceased.

    The design, which depicts an array of pleasure boats moored most likely in a Brittany area port, while exhibiting artisitic charactisitics that could be attributed to either artist, does give us clues regarding which artist most likely created the design. Duachez, a contemporary and friend of Grygkar, did create two similar designs of boats moored in a bay, "Belle Ile le Port," issued in 1960, and "Barcarolle," issued in 1961, and he signed both of his designs. This scarf, however, is not signed which was the practice of Grygkar to never sign his Hermès designs. Additionally, the design is rendered in a style that employs slightly stronger lines and slighly less detail, both of which are more in the style of Grygkar's artwork. Finally, the silk screening and the hand sewn edgings are more typical of the pre-1950 specimens we have examined. All in all, the evidence supports the conclusion it is more probable that the iconic Hugo Grygkar is the artist who created this scarf design, "Mouillage" in 1949, and that Duachez created his two designs based on Grygkar's "Mouillage," some 10 years later.

    The colorway is comprised of a crimson red border surrounding design details rendered in light blue, cream, gold, green, red, white, royal blue, silver, and taupe. It has contrasting white hems/edgings.

    Besides being extraordinarily rare and the source of a most interesting research project, this 68 year old scarf is in extraordinary vintage 8+ pristine, rarely used, well cared for condition (see our condition scale for reference). There are no stains, spots or holes. There are two tiny, discreet, nearly invisible, short, single thread pulls (see photos 6 and 7) which can be seen only with close scurtiny, and should will not be noticed when worn or shown. The hems are are intact and round. There is no copyright symbol, as the scarf predates Hermès' use of copyright symbols which commenced in the mid-1950s. There is no fabric tag. The silk, finer twill than the twill used on more modern issues, is still crisp and has a smooth hand. This scarf, as was customary for the early issues, is slightly smaller than newer issues, always nearer to 85cm than today's 90cm sizes, measures 33.5" x32.25" (85cm x 81.9cm). No box comes with this scarf.

    This scarf presents a rare opportunity to own a very rare, beloved collectible Hermès scarf (rated 1A by Carre̒ d'art, ed. 2014) that alsmot never comes to market, especially in the fine condition as is this specimen. A true timeless classic worthy of any great collection.

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